Any-sized Driver-feedback CMS

Scalable Changeable Message Driver-feedback Sign

Phase 5 Story shotWhat do you get when you cross a Driver Feedback Sign with a Full-matrix Changeable Message Sign? A sign that can say “YOUR SPEED is TOO FAST, SLOW DOWN or PAY $XXX,” and snaps a picture of the vehicle as it passes. The possibilities with this new technology are vast.

In a school zone, it can post the speed limit based on the school schedule and react to speeding vehicles with “YOUR SPEED XX,” “SLOW DOWN,” or any other message or graphic that you wanted to display. Use it as advanced warning for the school crosswalk when a push button is pressed. On a Freeway, it can give travel times to nearby freeways based on current traffic flow, be used for AMBER ALERT situations, display scheduled messages, manage traffic lanes. On an arterial, it can display signal speed info, monitor traffic flow, reduce speeding, and monitor pollution. The sign has several uses in parking lots, bus stations, railways, etc. for speed reduction, safety, or general convenience.

Aside from having so many uses, it’s also an incredibly easy device to use. The programming software is intuitive and has a simulation tool that takes the guesswork out of configuring dynamic devices such as this. The software automates communication and creates in-depth speed study analysis and can provide real-time alerts for solar panel theft, excessive speeding, power failures, and more!

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