Intelligent Full-matrix Changeable Message Sign

VCalm®ITS Intelligent Full-matrix Changeable Message Sign

Fortel Traffic, Inc.'s VCalm®ITS Full-matrix changeable message sign is the most versatile driver-feedback/changeable message sign available.
  • Speed Reduction
    Reduce speeding by up to 40% with state-of-the-art driver-feedback functionality!

Driver feedback modes "SPEED LIMIT" "YOUR SPEED" "SLOW DOWN"

  • Crosswalk advanced warning
    Alert motorists of children in crosswalk
SafeXing™ Advanced Warning Sign installed at a golf cart crossing path.
  • Construction Sites
    Educate drivers on road conditions and alert construction workers of speeding vehicles

Phase 5 orange Work Zone radar trailer with alert technology
  • School Zone
    Post speed limit by time of day
Slowing down vehicle
Parking Facilities
  • Entrances/Exits
  • Interior Guidance
  • Space Counting
Parking Garage Application (VCalmITS)
Mass Transit
  • Platform Notifications real-time and automated Scheduling Systems
Platform Notification for Mass Transit
  • Amber Alert
    Easily manage Amber Alert messages with NTCIP compatability
Amber Alert message with VCalmITS
  • Travel Time
VCalmITS Freeway Minutes To Application
  • Bridges and Tunnels
    Improve traffic awareness
Traffic awareness

  • Lane Management
    Partition, separate, and inform motorists of important lane reservations
Freeway lane management
  • Traffic Flow Monitoring Monitor, report, and manage traffic flow
Traffic Flow night picture
  • Signal Timing optimize traffic flow
Traffic Signal Synchronization Signal Speed
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