Looks like a flashing beacon Acts like a Radar Sign

The Most Advanced Flashing Beacon Available

Vegas Flashing Beacon Quad DesignFortel Traffic, Inc.’s (FTI’s) flashing beacon system has a unique capability to be equipped with a radar unit giving it exquisite data collection features. It doesn’t just count cars; it collects 4 speeds for each vehicle - the first, last, fastest, and slowest speeds. Because each speed is individually time stamped, you can make thorough analysis on individual and collective driver behavior. This highly intelligent data collection device with its powerful VSpeed™Online (VSO™) software included allows you to organize your data and immediately prove the effectiveness of your flashing beacon system right out of the box!

Often, downsides to recording large quantities of data may be the time-consuming nature of the data retrieval process. This is not the case; FTI’s flashing beacon systems have a swappable storage device providing you immediate retrieval. You don’t have to fuss with connecting serial cables to data ports on signs, Handhelds, PCs, or constantly restarting your laptop while attempting to connect to fickle a Bluetooth or Wifi signal. With the system configuration also on the removable storage, an agency doesn’t have to send out a high-paid highly technical PC or Handheld user to retrieve data or deploy programming. The usual hassle with removable storage is that it’s typically proprietary and expensive to replace, but FTI’s flashing beacon systems use SD card technology supporting standard and SDHC formats. With the compressed data format, this allows for practically limitless storage because 1GB can store 40 years of vehicle speed data! FTI recommends and always ships with high-grade SD cards to support the extreme temperature ratings of the rest of the system’s hardware.

The wireless modem option suits those who do not want anyone to take the time to go out and check up on the system and swap SD cards. Not only does this add remote management capabilities, but because the included VSO™ software is server-based, it is also pro-active and it will check up on the system and download the data for you. Similarly, it has the capability to alert you upon detection of system failures, power outages, excessive speeding, and solar panel theft in real-time. Mobile phones with browsers supporting HTML5 standards are another way to have access to the VSO™ software management tool, which is a real time saver!

Flashing Beacon Cover PicThe programming itself is simple with visual timing, simulation, and calendar features packed into an easy-to-use interface. FTI also has the flexibility to improve your user experience and add new software features nearly on-demand. FTI’s dynamic forward-thinking team is constantly working to improve the quality and functionality of their products to meet their customers’ needs immediately. This allows FTI to add features to your flashing beacon systems like driver-feedback capabilities where flashing beacons can flash at vehicles approaching too quickly as well as flash at different rates based on user-definable vehicle speed thresholds.

The Flashing Beacon systems are so advanced because they’re built with the same hardware components as FTI’s VCalm®. In fact, adding signal heads to a VCalm® makes it a flashing beacon system. Check out an example of extreme VCalm® integration into a crosswalk system in Las Vegas, Nevada. This system does ultimate multi-mode operation based on push button actuation, vehicle speeds, and times of day. Ordinarily, all of this would be a long way for a flashing beacon, but leave it to FTI to bring you it all.

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