Crosswalk Safety Advanced Warning Sign

Crosswalk Casualties are Coming to an End

SafeXing™ Advanced Warning Sign installed at a golf cart crossing path.Fortel Traffic, Inc.’s latest innovation, SafeXing™ (Safe Crossing), will stop deaths and injuries from occurring at crosswalks by increasing driver awareness and causing safe driving practices.

100 feet is not enough warning time for a vehicle to stop or avoid a potential collision with a pedestrian if traveling faster than 25mph. In fact, a vehicle traveling at 40mph will likely strike a pedestrian at 38mph giving the pedestrian only a 17% chance of survival. Fortel aims to increase the warning time and decrease excessive speeding near crosswalks with their latest product, SafeXing™.

Pedestrians will press a button before crossing the street which causes the SafeXing™ LED sign to display “PED XING” for cars approaching the crosswalk area. This will give drivers an advanced warning and allow them to slow down before reaching the crosswalk. The ability to place the LED sign up to 800 feet away from the crosswalk makes it the ideal choice for pedestrian crossings around corners, over hills, or any other possible application.

SafeXing™ also slows down traffic when pedestrians are not in the crosswalk. Vehicles approaching the sign will get one of three different custom messages depending on the speed they are traveling. This technology, used in other Fortel Traffic products, has shown a reduction in speed of more than 50% of speeding vehicles.

This new technology was released on August 18th at the annual national ITE (Institution of Transportation Engineers) Conference in 2008.
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