Flashing Beacon

Flashing Beacon

The Fortel Traffic Flashing Beacon system is used in school zones and other areas where traffic must be slowed down at specific times of day. This flashing beacon system is more than just flashing lights, it also has the ability, with the optional radar, to be a Traffic Data Acquisition System (TDAS) where peak/lows speeds are recorded allowing you to run percentile calculations for the vehicles in the zone and test the effectiveness of the flashing beacon.

Simplest Programming:
  • SD Card provides practically limitless data storage space (40 years of data per gigabyte) and makes programming and data retrieval simple and affordable. (SDHC compatible)
  • Modems provide remote access to sign programming so changes can be made instantly online.
  • VSpeed™Online is the ultimate management software that gives the ability to program signs, simulate functionality, analyze data, and deploy configuration changes through remote access or SD cards.

Easiest and Most Accurate Reports:
With an optional radar, Traffic Data Acquisition System (TDAS) counts vehicles and collects the fastest and slowest speed for each vehicle. Accurate raw data collected by a sign can be used to construct limitless report formats and parameters for thorough data analysis.

Unrivaled Versatility:
Multiple independently-scheduled vehicle speed thresholds can trigger any variation of light displays and/or auxiliary devices: strobes, flashers, sirens, beacons, wireless alerts, etc. Flashing Beacon can also be programmed to coordinate with a VCalm® sign. Programming delivers exceptional autonomy for optional solar/battery installations.

  • Wireless IP Modem
  • Wireless WIFI
  • Wireless Alert System
  • Ground-level Access
  • GPS Clock
  • Solar Package
  • Automatic Dimming
  • Strobe, Flashers, and Sirens

Flashing Beacon Brochure

Please click the link below to download our Flashing Beacon brochure.

Flashing Beacon Brochure
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