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Fortel Traffic, Inc.’s edge in the traffic industry is based on its ability to adapt and create innovative products quickly to resolve concerns and needs within the traffic industry in a timely fashion. Fortel Traffic, Inc. also never compromises the quality of their products, always offering high-volume high-intensity LED clusters for all of their products so that the end products is the brightest and most effective sign possible.

Aloha! StreetLighting Control Demonstration

Streetlighting Control Demonstration Open to Public WAILUKU, Maui, Hawai`i – Mayor Alan Arakawa announced today that the County of Maui is testing energy-efficient, “smart” LED (Light-Emitting...Read More >>

Talking Street Lights

Street Lighting that Talks About You Stop Copper Wire Theft!The intelligent street lighting control system will detect copper wire theft and report it to the TMC or PD for immediate action to be tak...Read More >>

California OTS Grant Applications

2011 OTS Grants are DUE The California OTS 2011 Grant applications are due on February 28th, 2011. We at Fortel Traffic, Inc. are ready and willing to help California agencies with their grant appl...Read More >>

Flashing Speed Signs Tell Rural Motorists to Slow Down

Flashing Speed Signs Slow Motorists Down By GAIL WESSON The Press-Enterprise Riverside County and some cities are using radar speed feedback signs in their efforts to get motorists to slow down....Read More >>

The Right Wireless Solution

Dominating the Wireless World Fortel Traffic, Inc. is one of the most forward-thinking companies in the traffic industry. The organization’s main focus is to ensure the safety of our streets with...Read More >>

FTI Expands Grant Writing Team

We'll help you find a way to pay for that! With 2010 quickly passing by, it is time to prepare for the upcoming grant cycles that are going to be available in the next couple of months. State grants...Read More >>

GPS Trailer Fleet Control

Trailer Fleet Tracking - One of the most time consuming tasks when managing your Driver Feedback Trailers is finding out where your trailers are, where they’ve been, and what speed data they’ve...Read More >>

Fast Savings while Slowing Traffic

How a Modem can save you over $600 per sign! Have you ever purchased a product only to feel buyers’ remorse shortly after because you didn’t ask the right questions or simply didn’t know the r...Read More >>

Any-sized Driver-feedback CMS

Scalable Changeable Message Driver-feedback Sign What do you get when you cross a Driver Feedback Sign with a Full-matrix Changeable Message Sign? A sign that can say “YOUR SPEED is TOO FAST, SLO...Read More >>

Looks like a flashing beacon Acts like a Radar Sign

The Most Advanced Flashing Beacon Available Fortel Traffic, Inc.’s (FTI’s) flashing beacon system has a unique capability to be equipped with a radar unit giving it exquisite data collection fea...Read More >>

No Phone Zone VCalm®VMS

Pledge Now, Drive to Survive! Oprah Winfrey’s No Phone Zone campaign has caused thousands to “take the pledge” by committing themselves to refrain from talking or texting while driving. This ...Read More >>

New Members to the VCalm® Family

VCalm® Family Members March 26, 2010 The newest members of the VCalm® family, VCalm® Micro and Mini are powerful vehicle calming devices with changeable messaging capability making them more eff...Read More >>

Re-designed Indestructible Pedestrian Push Button

Re-designing the Indestructible May 19, 2010 The Bumblebee™s unique construction makes it virtually indestructible. This Ped Push Button is completely self powered, maintenance free, and construct...Read More >>

FTI Celebrates VSpeed™Online’s First Year of Time Savings

Traffic calming time management at its finest! February 1st, 2010 Fortel Traffic Inc. (FTI) celebrates the 1 year anniversary of its one-of-a-kind VSpeed™Online software - a revolutionary and pow...Read More >>

Portland News Broadcast

The city of Portland, Oregon chose locations where speed and curves have contributed to crashes, such as on Southwest Multnomah Boulevard just east of Southwest 69th Avenue. Locals have been complaining about speeders there for decades. View the full video at the link below:

Portland News Broadcast

Traffex News Article

Traffex spotlights how Fortel Traffic began developing products based on getting results and not predetermined specifications. The effectiveness of Fortel products have caused the market's specifications to be written based on the features already offered in Fortel Traffic products. View the full article at the link below:

Traffex News Article

The Reporter: Vacaville, CA

April 2004: In a move unprecedented in Solano County, City traffic engineers used a special grant to purchase Fortel Traffic's radar signs. The paper described the signs as "electric display signs with a brain." The paper noted how the signs have made a noticeable effect on the speed of traffic, and the community has been calmer. View the full article at the link below.

The Reporter: Vacaville, CA

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