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How a Modem can save you over $600 per sign!

Maintenance Methods Article PictureHave you ever purchased a product only to feel buyers’ remorse shortly after because you didn’t ask the right questions or simply didn’t know the right questions to ask? One of the most overlooked factors when it comes to choosing a driver-feedback sign is simplicity and ease of maintenance. The sign you choose will be your responsibility to maintain for the next few years, you’ll want something that’s fast and easy to use and manage – especially if you’re buying multiple signs.

Imagine it’s your job to maintain 50 signs and you have to use a direct-connect method like Bluetooth, Wifi, handheld, or RS232 (DB9); it would take you a full two weeks to visit each sign, program it, and download the data. If the sign can only store two months of data at a time, you’ll end up spending 25% of your entire work schedule just retrieving data.

Cover shot for Maintenance Methods AnalysisVCalm®, when equipped with a cellular modem, will automatically manage all communication, data downloads, and updates for you. This method will save you more than $600 per sign per year compared to any direct-connect method. An SD card is the standard option that can instantly be swapped to change sign programming and retrieve all data at one time – saving you more than $400 per sign per year compared to any direct-connect method. Both methods allow you to use our powerful online software, VSpeed™Online, which gives you nearly limitless possibilities to easily create complex, easy-to-read, and interactive reports with just a few clicks. If it’s a study conducted to justify federal grant funding, you can even have the reports automatically emailed to whomever you wish - removing the need to create any manual reports for your project. Also, with a modem-equipped VCalm® and VSpeed™Online you’ll be notified of operation failures, dead pixels, excessive speeding, and more! Send instant critical messages, check sign health, and view vehicle speed statistics at work, home, or anywhere with a web-enabled cell phone!

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