No Phone Zone VCalm®VMS

Pledge Now, Drive to Survive!

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Oprah Winfrey’s No Phone Zone campaign has caused thousands to “take the pledge” by committing themselves to refrain from talking or texting while driving. This valiant campaign has been joined by corporations such as: Sprint, Liberty Mutual, and Chevrolet. Fortel Traffic, Inc. (“FTI”) is thrilled to announce that they also have a great contribution for this campaign.

A cause like this takes the efforts of many to save just one life. What is the cost of saving just one life? Can any school, city, county, state, or country risk the life of one of their own for something that can simply wait?

FTI, creators of the multifunctional VCalm®VMS, a vehicle calming device, are putting their complete support into this push for safety and saving lives, as they have the innovative technology to do so. The business of saving lives is FTI’s mission, and - with alarming statistics of fatalities and injuries caused by individuals who are on the phone or text messaging while driving is on the rise - it is time that communities become more involved to protect our children, drivers, and pedestrians on our roads.

How Fortel Traffic, Inc. Can Help

FTI’s VCalm®VMS - a radar speed feedback sign with an ultra-bright variable message display - can be programmed and modified for sizeable solutions with vehicle activated messaging. With these capabilities FTI is able to create the “No Phone Zone” logo and add it as another feature to the VCalm®VMS, in addition to the various features that already exist.

Control of sign messaging can be managed remotely via a browser-based, centralized management system, VSpeed™Online. Not only does this facilitate management of messaging, but it will also collect data and generate driver behavior reports based on multi-speed sampling for each vehicle detected by the sign.

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