safeXing™ Crosswalk Safety Advanced Warning Sign

SafeXing™ Advanced Warning Sign

Advanced Warning SignSafeXing™ is built upon an existing Fortel Traffic, Inc. product VCalm®VMS which uses a proven method to slow down traffic. In places where VCalm®VMS is installed, using advanced data analysis, nearly 100% of cases show that more than 50% of vehicles will slow down when exceeding the speed limit. This is achieved by making drivers aware of their speed when driving too fast for conditions.

SafeXing™ uses an alphanumeric LED display that can display a message like: “limit 25” to let vehicles know what the speed limit is. As a vehicle approaches the sign, if the vehicle is exceeding the speed limit, it can display the vehicle’s speed (ex: “32 mph”). Once a motorist realizes they are traveling at an unsafe speed, their instinct is to slow down.

How does SafeXing™ Improve Driver Awareness?

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When drivers are on “autopilot” or are distracted by some other means, they focus only on the road directly in front of them. This is called “tunnel vision.” When driving under this condition, street signs and pavement marking are ignored. The driver may notice a pedestrian crossing the street, but because they are only focused on the road in front of them, it will be too late to avoid a collision. The picture to the right illustrates how the road appears to these drivers.

In order to communicate with a driver that has tunnel vision, a sign must get their attention by being dynamic and displaying information that is useful and important to the driver at the time he/she sees it. SafeXing™ can display the speed limit, the driver’s speed, or warn the driver of pedestrians in an upcoming crosswalk. This way the information is always current and important to the driver making the sign impossible to ignore.

SafeXing™ Brochure and Info Packet

To download the SafeXing™ brochure and info packet, please click the links below.

SafeXing Package
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