Talking Street Lights

Street Lighting that Talks About You

Stop Copper Wire Theft!

The intelligent street lighting control system will detect copper wire theft and report it to the TMC or PD for immediate action to be
Street Lights that talk, know astronomy, and react to vehicle and pedestrian behavior are a new popular focus for city infrastructure upgrades. The latest Smart LED lighting technology is able to minimize power consumption by optimizing light output based on solar and lunar cycles as well as street occupancy. Why not dim down while no cars and pedestrians are present - the local observatories will love it. This method for optimizing efficiency provides an 85% or more reduction in power consumption as compared to current popular street lighting methods. Also, with the color spectrum of LED illumination the light becomes more usable and enhances safety compared to the dull orange high-pressure sodium lighting being used today.

Cover photo shotThe combination of Fortel’s intelligent controls with the most efficient and durable LED lighting manufacturer in the world provides the most reliable, effective, and efficient smart lighting system available. The SWARCO-Fortel partnership started late 2011 and is now approaching fruition with pilot projects being deployed in California and Hawaii. SWARCO Futurit LED street lights, now UL approved, provide more than 100 lumens per watt making it the most efficient LED luminary on the market - it’s no wonder Fortel has procured them all the way from Austria. Though current models are being shipped from Austria, plans to move manufacturing to the USA providing additional employment and a truly exceptional product proudly marked “Made in USA.”

Using the ZigBee mesh networking technology, these streetlights talk to each other and have the capability of connecting with traffic controllers, vehicle and pedestrian detection systems, emergency vehicles, TMC and even your cell phone. This new strategic lighting technology allows a city or agency to not only optimize their power consumption, but also provide critical information for running the city by improving traffic flow and emergency response times.

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