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VSpeed™Online Pushes Traffic Industry Forward

Anaheim, CA 2/1/09

Fortel Traffic Inc.’s new online software is expected to reduce public spending on maintaining traffic calming signs that are designed to lessen the 43,000 traffic fatalities that occur every year nationwide.

That’s one death every 12 minutes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stresses that these traffic related fatalities are predictable – and preventable. Traffic calming programs have shown to decrease traffic accidents by 8-100% (ITE Traffic Calming: State of the Practice). With state organizations facing 94 billion in budget deficits this year alone (Center on Budget and Policies Priorities), traffic calming measures are teetering on the brink of cut backs and neglect.

Fortel eagerly took action to significantly lower the cost of saving lives by creating VSpeed™Online. Automated management via online access to every traffic calming sign is a viable way to optimize public budgets for saving lives. Organizations with a vast number of VCalm® traffic calming signs can now be equipped with an efficient and inexpensive way to identify and respond to major traffic problem areas.

VSpeed™Online allows members in an organization to have instant online access to adjust, simulate, and deploy settings for every VCalm® sign on their streets. Agencies that fund the purchase of traffic calming signs with federal grants will also have an easier time generating statistics to comply with strict grant terms. These statistics are downloaded and generated automatically and can be shared with any party the agency desires.

Emery Dyer, Fortel Traffic’s founder and president, is excited and hopeful now that traffic calming signs have even more life-saving potential. He stated that “We’ve always taken a bold approach” towards the development of traffic calming products. “The infrastructure of the product itself is developed such that it can be adapted to any traffic situation or spectrum.” This “provides us with the freedom to design products” that demand a higher standard of safety.
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