FTI Celebrates VSpeed™Online’s First Year of Time Savings

Traffic calming time management at its finest!

February 1st, 2010
VSpeed Online - the VCalm Management System saves Lives, Time, and Money with its: Simple programming and management, Automatic data collection, software updates, configuration updates, and firmware upgrades, Instant Critical Messaging, Traffic Violator Alerts, Program simulation, GPS Tracking, and automatically-generated graphs and reports that prove the signs effectiveness.Fortel Traffic Inc. (FTI) celebrates the 1 year anniversary of its one-of-a-kind VSpeed™Online software - a revolutionary and powerful tool designed to take the mystery and complexity out of programming and maintaining traffic calming signs. VSpeed™Online instantly made organizations better equipped to use their VCalm® traffic calming signs to their fullest life-saving potential. In one year, VSpeed™Online has saved 6,878 hours of labor in automated communication alone – enough hours to keep 3 full-time employees busy for an entire year.

In addition to saving time with automated communication, the software’s simulation features and simplified programming methods allow an agency to program its signs in 7%-15% of the time. These time-saving features help organizations that utilize a vast number of VCalm® signs identify and respond to major traffic problem areas with greater efficiency. All users with permission within an organization can instantaneously gain access to adjust settings, simulate functionality, deploy changes remotely, and quickly obtain useful graphs and calculations from automatically downloaded vehicle speed data from any computer anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Fortel Traffic has always developed traffic solutions with two key goals in mind: (1) Make streets safer by demanding driver’s attention to slow traffic down. (2) Develop technology that will effectively resolve the current and potential logistical problems that organizations face. Emery Dyer, Fortel Traffic’s president, stated that “We take a bold approach in that the infrastructure of our products are developed so they can be adapted to any traffic situation or spectrum. This allows us the freedom to design products with features that can be proven to effectively make our streets safer. It is our purpose to make that level of safety become standard.”
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