VSpeed™-E easily retrofits onto your existing traffic control trailer and collects the highest and lowest speed for each passing vehicle. This allows you to efficiently monitor the effectiveness of your trailer at any given location. The traffic data is saved onto an SD card which allows you to easily retrieve and analyze the data.

Vast Data Storage:

VSpeed™-E utilizes an onboard SD card with practically limitless data storage space (40 years of data per gigabyte.) As data is received (through the radar unit), VSpeed™-E creates dated speed samples and stores them on the SD card. Every 24 hours a new file folder is created on the SD card and samples continue to be stored.

Power failures will cause files to be closed immediately. When power is restored, a new file is automatically started.

Traffic Data Acquisition System (TDAS):

Traffic Data Acquisition System (TDAS) counts vehicles and collects the “peak” and “low” speed for each vehicle and adds a date and time stamp.

“Peak” and “Low” speed data is gathered and defined in the following manner: As a vehicle travels in the radars detection area, many speeds are collected. Once the vehicle has passed, VSpeed™-E sorts the speeds and selects this highest (peak) speed and lowest (low) speed of that vehicle.

Peak/Low speed data allows you to analyze more accurately the effect that the sign has on vehicles in the zone you are testing. This accurate raw data collected by a sign can be used to construct limitless report formats and parameters for thorough data analysis.

Lowest Power Consumption:

VSpeed™-E uses less than 15mA @12 VDC (80% less than standard data recorders).

VSpeed™-E Brochure

Please click the link below to view our VSpeed™-E brochure.

VSpeed™-E Brochure
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